4 Jul

I see the world as going backwards, instead of being freer, less complicated and comfortable it’s become so complicated you almost need to employ an organisation to keep your home including insurances running smoothly and a second job to make the income needed to pay all the fines coming for breaking all the small infringements being made all over the place and you seem to spend more time scanning the side of roads for speed restriction and cameras than you spend trying to drive in your lane properly.

More and more rules and laws don’t  add up to a better society just a more confused frustrated one.

Example, I used to take the train from Salisbury to Adelaide 5 days a week as I had a job there and I use to enjoy the trip with the door open, now the train won’t allow or even move till all doors are shut. I understand it was done for safety reasons but why has the decision been denied to the person sitting at the door they could see who’s around and if children are sitting near the door then allow them to close?

Another example, I used to like going for a short ride in the back of my fathers Ute. He always made us sit down and stay down and always drove carefully. Today we don’t have the right to make that decision or any like it as we don’t have the right to decide if we want to use our seat belts when going for a short dive like 20 meters down the street or if we want to wear a helmet when on a bicycle or motor bike and don’t use the old explanation that I’m not the paramedic who gets called out to the accidents because it they can’t stand the sight of crashes then their in the wrong job and if it wasn’t for people having accidents, they wouldn’t have a job to go to anyway. Accidents are as much a part of life as breathing is and people have been dying in horrible ways since Adam and Eve. People died being trampled by dinosaur, horses or cattle or ran over by wagons, falling for 60th floor construction sites ect. There are worse thing than dying. I’d rather die in a bike accident than have my helmet save my life only to spend years as a vegetable with a nurse feeding me, washing me and changing my nappy for the rest of my life so I repeat there’s worse things than dying.

People don’t set out to have accidents, they happen but the decision as to wearing seatbelts or helmets should have remained the decision of that person, How can we ever grow up to be responsable adults when were never allowed to think for our selves and make decisions for ourselves regardless of how others see things, all of the people will never think the same and make the same decision but that’s what human right was all about, one decision to decide for themselves what is best for them selves not what someone else decides is best for you, that’s dictatorship at it worse.

I for one would feel less depressed if I knew I was in control of my own life and was making my own decisions using the common scene tought to me by my parents and life itself. Let me feel free to decide if I want to wear a helmet or seatbelt make me grow up to become a full adult like my father before me.

Anyway, have a good day. Cheers Caveman